Spring Arrives:Free Bird Egg Talk

Spring arrives this month! Along with daffodils, crocus and Virginia bluebells, early spring welcomes an abundance of bird activity. Birds that migrated south for the winter are arriving back to join the year-round residents. They are beginning to build nests for their young who will arrive in a matter of weeks.


Inside their nests hide some of the most beautiful creations in nature. Bird eggs abound in color! They display soft to vibrant hues of brown, yellow, blue, white and green. In addition to their beauty, the formation and structure of an egg provides everything necessary for a developing chick.


Even though nature keeps these spectacular creations hidden, there are many other ways to bird eggs. Books, artwork and true-to-life replicas provide ways to enjoy the splendor of bird eggs without disturbing them in the wild.


You can also come to Charley Creek Gardens on March 16 at 9am for a presentation on bird eggs. We will discover how they're formed, their structure and what gives them their color. We'll also look at lots of pictures and illustrations that capture their beauty.


Following the Bird Egg presentation, you are welcome to stay for our Let's Move!  Winter Garden Walk starting at 10am.

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