Weekly Ditty: Daffodil Talk

Weekly Ditty–After visiting a home and garden show, you are no doubt filled with ideas and inspiration. If you attended one of the free classes, you've come home with more knowledge on how to create your dream garden. Now is the time to put these ideas into practice. If you took notes at the show, organize them into different topics or add them to your gardening journal if you have one. If you discovered a new plant you'd like to try, pick where you're going to plant it. If you bought a gardening book, make sure you actually read it and put what you learn into practice. If you bought a new tool or piece of equipment, learn how to use and care for it. If you discovered a local gardening group you'd like to get involved with, contact them.


A dream garden without a plan is just a wish. Use what you've discovered to make your dream garden a reality and grow as a gardener! 



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March 31, 10:00  "Daffodil Talk", Education Building


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