Tuesday Tips Return with a March Checklist

Join us here each Tuesday for gardening tips and grow as a gardener.

As spring approaches, we are beginning our Tuesday Tips series again. Every Tuesday from March through November we will share some practical gardening and landscaping tips that you can put into practice at your own home. The first tip each month will be a general to-do list for that month. Here is a checklist of tasks you'll want to complete in March before the busy months of April and May arrive.

 *Get your gardening tools ready. Clean, oil and sharpen them if you did not do this in the fall.

*Order plants, tools and any other gardening supplies. Shop at stores now rather than waiting until April or May.

*Press back into the ground any perennials that frost-heaved (raised up out of the ground).

*Pick up sticks.

*Shear any formal hedges.

*Take soil tests and check the amount of organic matter.

*After you get your results back, fertilize and add organic matter if needed.


*Edge beds when soil is warm enough.

*Prune summer blooming (July or later) shrubs now so they have time to produce good, vigorous growth before flowering. Remember not to prune spring blooming (June or earlier) shrubs now or you'll prune off all the flower buds and your shrub won't bloom this spring!

*Cut back any perennials that were left for winter interest.

*Plant trees and shrubs.

*Plan your vegetable garden if you haven't yet and start some seeds indoors.

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